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Hail Mary Mallon


Comprised of two of the most verbose MC's in Hip-Hop today– Aesop Rock and Rob SonicHail Mary Mallon prepares to unleash their second full-length release, Bestiary. Individually, these two lyricists are well known for wordy expressions eliciting oft-despondent themes. Together, however, they appear to push one another to the limits of humorously witty wordplay, while simultaneously crafting complex rhyme patterns. The very title of the album, Bestiary, was inspired by the fact that they both went into beast mode, here.

The group's hunger comes across in more than just the lyrics, though. With both Aesop & Rob sharing production duties, the album is laden with hypnotic beats ranging from dense & murky to melodic & twisting, all complemented by the cutting precision of turntablist DJ Big Wiz. As if all that wasn't enough, there's the artwork– a masterpiece taxidermy gallery of outlandish beasts, conceived and illustrated by the talented Coro. For a limited time, this album artwork will be available with 3 different covers to choose from, each depicting a different beast head, on CD and picture-disc vinyl!

01: Jonathan
02: Krill
03: Used Cars
04: Dollywood
05: The Soup
06: 4AM
07: Hang Ten
08: Whales
09: Merlin
10: Picture Day
11: Kiln
12: King Cone
13: Octoberfest
14: The Red List

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