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Self Destruction

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  • Aug 2nd 2005
  • CD, Digital, Vinyl
  • 1 I Am
  • 2 This Is It
  • 3 Getcha Money On
  • 4 Live In The Moment (Featuring Budah Tye)
  • 5 All I Know (Featuring Mazta I)
  • 6 Sex Sex Sex (Featuring Mazta I)
  • 7 Feel My Pain (Featuring Mankwe Ndosi)
  • 8 Can't Say Nothing Wrong
  • 9 Love Song
  • 10 Ice Cold
  • 10 Ice Cold
  • 11 Everyday Shit
  • 12 Actions (Featuring Budah Tye & Blacc Money)
  • 13 All We Need Is Another Day
  • 14 Overthrow
  • 15 Sunshine

I Self Devine, Micranots front-man, half of Semi.Official and one of the founding members of The Dynospectrum with Slug, Musab & Gene Poole returns with his debut solo album, Self Destruction. After spending the better portion of 10 years as one of the underground's favorite MC's, I Self steps out on his own and creates his most personal and engaging effort to date. Self Destruction is 16 tracks of analysis of one's self, as well as the trappings of every day life. Brought along to complement I Self's colorful lyrical stylings, a top notch production squad of Jake One, Ant, Vitamin D & Bean One was assembled for Self Destruction.

I Self is a seasoned vet who has toured the globe and performed with everyone from Public Enemy to Atmosphere. Self Destruction will mark the rebirth of this well respected MC while broadening his already solid base.

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