8.10.16 Sa-Roc releases "NSFW (Not Safe For Weak rappers)" this weeks video/song in series, Wisdom Wednesdays.

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The mystery goddess is finally revealed with a beautiful and colorful fashion spread-like visual, but don’t get it twisted, things are definitely (N)ot (S)afe (F)or (W)eak rappers in this week's edition of Wisdom Wednesdays. NSFW finds Sa-Roc delivering lyrical shrapnel over an energetic Sol Messiah-produced joint featuring cameo appearances by Sway In The Morning hosts Tracy G and Sway Calloway.

Directed By: Sol Messiah

I'm black magic, 5 foot something, the rap maverick. Y'all want me to dumb it down, well my shit too elaborate. Alphabetic acrobatics on every apparatus. Step onto my train of thought and get lost in my labyrinth. I am not a Barbie I'm a barbarian. Dismember bodies of work vocally then I bury em. Prey for my opponents for they know not what they getting into. It's too many snakes and froggy types in my terrarium. Lyrically I'm Kali Ma, goddess of these arias, nowadays emcees can't walk a mile inside my Adidas, blood. I will cripple every rhyme that u exhale from out your diaphragm then diagram the steps to your retirement. I'm Tigress, I earned every stripe that you admiring. never been a star, I am more inclined to be Orion and I'm liable to ionize your entire environment. And that means everybody charged up when I'm reciting. These 16s like WMDs, i'm public enemy to these Republican bastards, asking for passwords to my ribonucleic acids, asterisk: that means my genetic code for anybody asking. Ass pics not in my repertoire, never taken a shot my integrity Kevlar. I am just here to test your celebrity caliber, my pedigree Elohim and you elementary bruh. I mean, They should've told you that I'm the rapper to beat, I'm the monster inside of the shadows when you asleep, I'm the wolf after cattle and you remind me of sheep, you honestly aint on par with the bars that I might excrete. Cuz I am dark matter, art packaged inside of flesh. These triple carbons got me blacking out on every record. I'm picking apart every verb and pronoun that you eject, cuz these rappers borrowed my whole style and I'm here to collect. You gon pay me, I'm the queen of God hop. Sway told me to bust a a Capella, told em why not? Homie if I get hold of the mic I might just wild out. And I ain't letting a 85er get a fucking vowel out. You can call me Mau Mau, rebel in my DNA. I'm trying to make royalty, they reveling in T & A. I'll be down in Tijuana levitating either way. Just give me a minute for my melanin to incubate. Got damn. I'm deep space, black hole in my cerebell. Flow extraterrestrial, I told em I'd never tell. Gave birth to the 7 wonders, ovaries never failed, got the book of life completely encoded in every cell. Oh, Om mani padme hum, that's the mantra. Spit and get this heat all in your marrow like a cancer. Ciphers full of fresh meat trying to impress me and I'm just waiting with a crew of black Sicilians yelling Mangia! This is not the end of me! I'm gon rule the industry. I'm going after every top ten rapper with intent to eat. With no less than thousand degree quality intensity. You ain't built to last the full magnitude or extent of me. If Thought, Monche, Stacks and Roc, ain't in your top fiiiiive, I'mma chop your reputation til it's lopsided. Leave that joint cold and stiff like its arthritis. lost tribe of the last scribes-I'm Thoth hybrid. This art of rap from out the vault of humanity's finest.

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