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News // Step Brothers

1.27.14 THANK YOU For Supporting Step Brothers!

THANK YOU to those who supported Step Brothers' (Alchemist & Evidence) Lord Steppington during the first week! Check out a video of the Brothers in Step "personalizing" the signed posters that came along with the Fifth Element pre-order. Still need to get your copy? Grab it from one of the outlets below: Fifth Element: http://bit.ly/Steppington_FE iTunes: http://bit.ly/LordSteppington Amazon: http://bit.ly/StepAmazon At Select Best Buy Stores: http://bit.ly/StepBestBuy (To Find Availability) Connect with Step Brothers: http://rhymesayers.com/stepbrothers Step Brothers on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StepBrothersRSE Alchemist on Twitter: http://twitter.com/alchemist Evidence on Twitter: http://twitter.com/evidence Rhymesayers on Twitter: http://twitter.com/rhymesa…

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