Rhymesayers is looking for enthusiastic, ambitious, dependable, and organized individuals to join our Street Team. Street Team efforts are an essential part of our business in order to maximize visibility and interest in our key markets as well as growing markets. Please read this info below and if you are interested in becoming part of the Rhymesayers Street Team please answer all the following questions.


Dedication : Must be dedicated, responsible and ambitious in all promotional efforts. If you are not serious, you need not apply.
Mobility : Must be mobile in your marketplace, able to get around in your city to stores, events, etc.
Availability : Must be capable and willing to be out covering events on a regular basis.
Promoting : Must be an active promoter and aware of the happenings in your market. Documentation : Must send photos documenting what you do in your given market. Emailed Digital photos are preferred.
Reporting : Must report back to RSE through email of your promotional accomplishments. All reports and photos must be submitted for each project before receiving any new packages or projects.
Distribution : of P.O.P (posters, stickers, etc...) to various retail stores, coffee shops, lifestyle accounts, live shows, etc... (Detailed reports will be needed per package.)

As a member of the official R.S.E. Street Team, you will gain valuable experience in the music industry.

You will also be eligible to receive the following:
1. A free copy of upcoming albums
2. Free entry to R.S.E. tour dates
3. Free rare promotional R.S.E. items