The History of The Micranots Part 1: Meeting & Origin

In honor of The Micranots upcoming performance of Obelisk Movements at the 7th Street Entry I wanted to explore and share the stories that are the seeds to the creation of that powerful and influential album. We also discuss many unknown factors about the album itself, including how it was recorded, hidden lyric meetings, and more! The result is a ten-video series where they will discuss some of the most pivotal and memorable steps in their career.

In Part One I Self Devine and Kool Akiem expound on how they first met and the early crews they formed, such as Metro Unit and Universal Vibe Squad, to name a few, and how that eventually lead to the birth of The Micranots, including the meaning behind the name.

-Written By Kevin Beacham
Video Shot & Edited By Cooper Ruddock (@coopdylan)

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Published 3.15.13
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