Bk One


BK-One's love of music has been a lifelong affair. From an early age, he studied classical piano and jazz theory, taught himself to play the vibraphone, and began collecting records. Before he was old enough to get into clubs, BK was touring the country as a vibes player in a jazz band and experimenting with multiple genres alongside local music veterans.

After moving to Minneapolis in 1996, BK wasted no time finding a place for himself in the local hip hop scene. He helped to start the city's first independent hip hop radio show and put his record collection to work, DJing regularly across the city. After meeting a hungry young rapper named Brother Ali and introducing him to the local Rhymesayers crew, BK-One found his best job yet...as the backbone of Ali's live show. Crafting elaborate routines with quick mixes and pounding beats, he and Ali have spent 10 straight years earning their reputation as masters of the stage. In that time, BK has also released several popular mix-cd's, like "For The Love Of Music" and "Set In Motion", which skillfully blend hip hop, funk, afrobeat, reggae, and jazz records.

BK recorded his first solo album, Rádio do Canibal. With music drawn entirely from records collected on a recent visit to Brazil, Rádio do Canibal features artists like Black Thought, Scarface, Raekwon, Slug, Murs, The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Phonte, The Grouch, and of course Brother Ali. BK's years of experience in different styles of music shine through on this album, as he collaborates with rappers, jazz musicians, and singers alike. He says of the experience, "This album combines my three favorite things...music, travel, and working alongside my friends."

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