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Photo by Skye Rossi

Kevin Beacham

Kevin Beacham fell in love with music at the age of four and every since then it’s been a key driving force in his life. At age 10, he got his first public DJing experience by playing the music at a family party hosted by his parents for their friends, using one wood-grain Kenwood belt-drive turntable, tape deck, and his Dad’s music collection, accompanied with an assortment of family-owned strobe lights and disco lights. Around that same time, he was able to witness a professional DJ live in person when accompanying his older sister to teen parties. A local DJ named Nate, would play parties at the teen center and let a intrigued and young Kevin Beacham stand by the DJ booth and take song requests from excited party-goers.

Over the next 15 years or so, he amassed a large and diverse vinyl collection, while at the same time, continually developed his understanding, passion, and connection to the music he loved; Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Electro, etc… Yet, even after all that time he was essentially only a bedroom DJ. However, circa 1995, he noticed a shift in DJ culture and a new breed of DJs were seemingly choosing to skip over the basics and traditions of the art form and instead, attempting to become strictly masters of scratch techniques and/or Turntablists. Kevin Beacham saw this is a perfect time to officially introduce himself to the world as a DJ, particularly specializing in conceptual or themed DJ sets that range in genres, styles and eras. Adopting the name Nikoless Skratch, he began to release a series of mixtapes and started DJing locally on the Chicago scene, where he lived at the time, as well as performing at some of the events he was involved with nationally, including Scribble Jam. Named after a somewhat obscure comic book character, Nikoless Skratch’s approach to DJing was focused on putting the music first and foremost, while simultaneously pushing to be conscious of the song’s lyrics as much as the music, and creating smooth, exciting, and/or unique transitions from song to song.

In 2017, nearly forty years since he DJed for the first time at a family party in their apartment rec room, Kevin Beacham still approaches his sets in the same way, with a focus on playing the music that first and foremost inspires and speaks to him, relying on his passion and years of musical knowledge to help share over forty years of extensive music collecting, studying and enjoying with the world.