Today's rap industry is a mental wasteland of studio gangsterism, materialism , imitation, perpetrators, and bland predictable ignorance. An era in which DJ's compromise their integrity to the will of commercial radio while leading millions sheep in the monotonous materialistic circles of illusion. A time best described as a lack of artistry haphazardly wobbling out of sync. In the midst of all this corruption, one must ask; who will champion the cause of truth, originality and righteousness in the realm of Hip Hop.

Enter the Micranots...traveling at the speed of light and sound come two individuals on the long and winding path to assist in the restoration within the Hip Hop landscape. Emotions swell from the sound system, the meditative study of the rhythm, the beat and drum grappling your head forcing a hypnotic nodding motion.

The heavy sonic imagery of Kool Akiem's production skill lays forth a grand illustrious empire, a solid land mass of steady ground, providing the building blocks on which only the truest of MC can facilitate. From the mind of I self Devine comes a steady stream of consciousness focused on cadence, delivery, and tangible content. A great world war is being waged, the Micranots, determined to be victorious, do battle for the best ground... the stage. In the midst of battle the stage implodes with masterful manipulation of the sound and visual elements designed to command, enlighten embrace, provoke, and propel the crowd into the grand unified theory of Hip Hop collectively.

In 1999 the Micranots signed a licensing deal with the New York based label Subverse. The year 2000 marked the release of the premiere album entitled: "Obelisk Movements", as well as the lead off single "Pitch Black Ark" and the second single "Culture / Illegal Busyness." In 2002 the Micranots signed a licensing deal with the Minneapolis label Rhymesayers which oversaw the re-release of the limited run of "the Return of the Travelers" as well as the long awaited highly anticipated follow up to the "Obelisk Movements" "The Emperor and The Assassin" with the lead off single "glorious / heat." What you should expect to see from the Micranots is constant touring bringing their message to the people.

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