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MInk (Musab & Ink Well)

Musab + Ink Well = MInk

Once again, founding Rhymesayers artist, Musab has paired with the varied soundscapes of producer Ink Well to offer a deep dive into the cultural constructs that shape our reality.

"Deconstruction is an artistic sociological experiment. An audio seminar, so to speak. It's more of a conference than a concert that exposes some of the harmful constructs within our society that have been the seeds from which ideologies of falsehood have sprouted.

From welfare and reparations, to the cannabis industry VS the pharmaceutical industry and love and anxiety. Reality is based on perspective and this project overviews these topics from a perspective you may not have never experienced. Human beings live on the same planet, but not in the same world.

So, give it a listen and visit a new world."


Latest Release


Musab and Ink Well Release New Music Video "Tight Rope"

Original Rhymesayer, Musab and producer Ink Well came together to create MInk and released Intellectual Property back in August 2017. While on Atmosphere's Welcome to Colorado Tour this past December Musab, Ink Well and Slug used a day off between shows to shoot "Tight Rope".