The saga of videos from Evidence's Unlearning Vol. 1 continues with "Start The Day With A Beat".

Director Jason Goldwatch said, “Working with Mr. Evidence has been a long-time creative endeavor that keeps us both trying to continually push the visuals together... We actually started working together as teenagers. Always fun, even in failure. But to be invited by IKEA, and more so Virgil Abloh, to create something new and boundless within a once rigid corporate structure was a dream come true. Shout out 99 cent meatballs, the whole Ikea team, Swedish allen wrenches, and a perfectly deconstructed “thank you” typeface to big Virgil and his team.
I think Ev and I are doing 1 more. Beer Right Back…”

At the top of the visual, a store intercom pages, “Hugh Jass” before the production kicks in with its thumping bass and twinkling piano samples. Soon, a bathrobed Evidence pours his coffee from the couch before leafing through a novel and changing the battery in a wall clock. He breaks up the mundanity of his morning routine by cooking up heat on his decks before walking through the door and finding himself in the unmistakable Swedish furniture outpost.

Throughout the vignettes to follow, his flow emanates urgency as he admits, “Start the day with a beat, before the feeling goes away from me.”

They’re still looking for Hugh at the end…

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