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Prof "Powderhorn Suites" + "Squad Goals" Music Video

For Prof, the worlds of fact and fiction are often intertwined, as he balances on a fine line between real-life experiences and yet unfulfilled fantasies.

The album loosely follows a singular concept of all the activity taking place in a fictional hotel, Powderhorn Suites, named after the Powderhorn neighborhood responsible for Prof's upbringing. “There's so many different things happening in a hotel at one time,” Prof explains. “Somebody’s doing drugs. Somebody’s having sex. There’s a fight over there. Someone's trying to get some rest over here. There’s just so much going on in one place.” The same can be said for Powderhorn Suites, a remarkable rollercoaster of a project that hits stunning highs and features dramatic lows.

Nothing is sacred in the “Squad Goals” music video. Prof is seen masquerading as a roguish Mister Rogers—popping pills, dancing dirty on set, and even slipping into a traumatic flashback of time served in Vietnam.

This video is not for the faint of heart. You have been warned.

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