[DAMAGED] Madvillain - Madvillainy: Remixes (Vinyl)

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All of these copies are non-returnable and have dinged corners, bent jackets, seam splits or minor shrink wrap issues.

Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix was originally released in CD form in Madvillainy 2: The Box (2008), and released *only* with the box set, but Stones Throw eventually decided to make it official. Some might say it’s sacrilege to revisit an album like Madvillainy, but Madlib’s never been one to adhere to convention. Like many of his best works, he made this one for himself – headphone listening pleasure for a ten-hour plane ride to Tokyo. But this reworking was so good that after sitting with it for a while, Stones Throw decided they had to make it available to fans. The 2xLP also comes with a download card.