Shadows10 Year

Shadows On The Sun (Re-Release)

Celebrating the album's tenth anniversary, Brother Ali delivered his highly anticipated first Rhymesayers full length album Shadows On The Sun in 2003. An emcee, producer and community activist, Brother Ali is a student of Hip Hop's Golden age. The now classic Shadows on the Sun was crafted with this foundation and Ali's ability to write creative songs with passion and personality. Produced entirely by ANT and features guest appearances by Slug of Atmosphere. After being out of print for several years this vinyl re-issue includes a complete packaging re-work. For the first time ever, Shadows On The Sun will now be available in this Offical Record Store Day double picture disc vinyl in a clear gatefold jacket, limited to 2,000 hand-numbered pieces.

  1. 01. Room With A View
  2. 02. Champion
  3. 03. Prince Charming
  4. 04. Win Some Lose Some
  5. 05. Pay Them Back
  6. 06. Blah Blah Blah
  7. 07. Shadows On The Sun
  8. 08. Prelude
  9. 09. Forest Whitiker
  10. 10. Bitchslap!
  11. 11. Back Stage Pacin'
  12. 12. When The Beat Comes In
  13. 13. Missing Teeth
  14. 14. Dorian
  15. 15. Soul Whisper
  16. 16. Picket Fence
  17. 17. Victory! (Come Forward)