Psalm One Death Of Frequent Flyer

The Death of Frequent Flyer

Hailing from Hip Hop's rising hotbed of talent, Psalm One has been called one of the next to blow up by the: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, The Onion and URB Magazine's Next 100. A Southside Chicago native, Psalm has been reppin' the windy city on the mic since early '98. While studying chemistry at the University of Illinois Psalm fittingly self-released her debut CD Bio-Chemistry in 2002 (later re-released in '04). Called a cross between Lauryn Hill and Devin The Dude, Psalm stands ready to follow in the footsteps of Chitown greats like Kanye West, Common and Twista, while taking her place next to up and comers like Lupe Fiasco. Readied with her Rhymesayers debut, the self-proclaimed quirky B-Girl and former chemist ushers in a new breed of "Rapper Girl" with the release of The Death of Frequent Flyer.

  1. 01. The Death Of Frequent Flyer (F/ Thaione Davis and DJDQ of Glue)
  2. 02. The Living
  3. 03. Prelude To A Diss (Starring Ang13)
  4. 04. Rapper Girls
  5. 05. The Nine
  6. 06. Macaroni And Cheese (F/ Ka Di-Pronounced KD)
  7. 07. Standby (F/ Brother Ali and Ant of Atmosphere)
  8. 08. Rap Star
  9. 09. Let Me Hear
  10. 10. Beat The Drum (F/ DJDQ of Glue)
  11. 11. Sworn Habit
  12. 12. Mountain High (F/ DJDQ of Glue)
  13. 13. Peanuts
  14. 14. Rest In Peace