Digital Cover

The Eagle & The Jaguar

It's been over a decade since their last LP, but Los Nativos of Rhymesayers tenure haven't gone anywhere. The Eagle & the Jaguar is a collection of work developed over the years and it continues their legacy of politically charged hip-hop told from a Xicano perspective. Their message sounds more relevant than ever, with bilingual tracks like "Wool" sounding the alarm for the current state of affairs, or "Refuse" where producer Xilam Balam declares, "I'm not going down without a fight" over a genre blending array of sounds. Other highlights include “Flesh Wound”, which features hip-hop pioneer Wise Intelligent with local legend and comrade-in-arms I Self Devine alongside Los Na co-founder Felipe Cuahtli. With their most personal record yet, Twin Cities veterans Los Nativos are now telling the stories behind their sweeping message, and if you've been missing them, the story of where they've been is here.

  1. 01. Back Home
  2. 02. Refuse
  3. 03. Gold Plated Filth
  4. 04. Alarm (Fresher Than Me)
  5. 05. Fresh Wound (feat. Wise Intelligent & I Self Devine)
  6. 06. Beast In Me (feat. Slug)
  7. 07. Bang Bang
  8. 08. Midwest Medicinal (feat. Jeff Adams & Akrite)
  9. 09. Wishes of the Chief
  10. 10. Wool
  11. 11. Renegade Music (feat. Maria Isa)
  12. 12. Tribe Corner Express
  13. 13. Burn