Iself Soundsoflowclassamerica

The Sound Of Low Class Amerika

In The Sound of Low Class Amerika, you can feel the passion I Self Devine delivers on topics of community, class and social injustice in America as he spits truths to inspire the masses. The album is both a narrative for the current state of the world and a telling history as to how we arrived here. I Self Devine's truly unique voice and style create a sense of urgency and call to action while leading and equipping the listener with the tools necessary to act and dissent. Production from Jake One, Vitamin D, Medium Zach, Benzilla, DJ Todda, King Karnov, and Proh Mic drives the entire album, as well a guest feature from RSE labelmate Brother Ali.. It comes in strong and never slows or wavers as it takes to the listeners ear and marches them to the end. This is an album that ultimately solidifies I Self's position as a leader—not only in his own social community but that of the music community.

  1. 01. Intro
  2. 02. Hold On
  3. 03. Cycles
  4. 04. Power
  5. 05. The Origin Of Urban Crisis
  6. 06. Conditional
  7. 07. Living Under Siege
  8. 08. Exist To Remain
  9. 09. Cold Anger
  10. 10. Stuck
  11. 11. To Be Needed
  12. 12. The World As It Is
  13. 13. As It Can Be
  14. 14. Self Awareness