RedefineHipHop: A.G. A.K.A Andre The Giant (D.I.T.C, Show & A.G., Trinity) Interview PT 3 & 4


A few years after "Runaway Slave", Show and AG. returned with "Goodfellas". The formula was the same, but there were a few changes; Showbiz had shortened the name to Showand was no longer MCing. While the debut album had been more jazzy, "Good Fellas" beats were heavier and Show solidified himself as one of the top producers in the game and you were hard-pressed to find someone with iller drums than a Show beat. There was also some extended crew represented on the record; Party Arty, D Flow, & Wally World. As far as A.G., he remained raw and continued to impress with his excellent use of word manipulation and rhyme patterns, such as; "With mics you can't Test-Me/You lose against the S-P/Blacker than Wes-ly/almost perfect like Gret-sky/You supposed to be the best, step up, Let's-See"

Show & A.G.-You Know Now ("Goodfellas" '95):
[audio:|titles=02 You Know Now]

Show & A.G.-Stand Strong ("Goodfellas" Out-Takes):
[audio:|titles=showbiz & ag - under pressure ep - 02 - stand strong]

It took 3 years for Show & AG. to come with their third joint, Full Scale, which is their last album to date. Of course, they continued to work together on various D.I.T.C projects/albums and A.G.'s solo and side projects.

Show & AG featuring Ghetto Dwellas-Q & A ("Full Scale" '98):
[audio:|titles=03 Q & A]

A.G. dropped his solo debut, "The Dirty Version" in '99. From there he keep the name out there with scattered singles and guest appearances for the next few years. In '06 he somewhat reintroduced himself to the scene and in particular, the younger fanbase. His album, "Get Dirty Radio" took him to the West Coast on DJ Design's "Look Records". Armed with production from Madlib, Jake One, Oh No, J Dilla, as well as, Lord Finesse & Show, he not only satisfied his core base, but earned a new audience.

A.G.-Frozen [Produced By Madlib] ("Get Dirty Radio" '06):
[audio:|titles=01 Frozen]

He followed that with '09's "Oasis" album with O.C. and most recently "Everything's Berri" on Fat Beats.

He's got two new projects on the horizon. First up, the Trinityproject, which is a group project with A.G. & Sadat X produced by Fat Beats owner, DJ Jab. They just dropped the first single from the album, "The Bronx":
[audio:|titles=The Bronx-Clean Mp3]

For the last few months, A.G. has been in the Twin Cities recording a project with Long Doe Records. The album is titled "BerriiTVbyAGofDITC", produced entirely by Mike The Martyr and features Slug (of Atmosphere), I Self Devine, Big Wiz, 950 Plus, & Tony Bones. They've been releasing a series of videos, freestyles and leaker tracks building up to the release:

A.G.-I'm A Beast [Produced by Mike The Martyr]:

All in all, A.G. is on his 21st year of recorded music and is every bit of passionate as we was at the start. He's made a couple appearances Fifth Element over the last year and each time he hasn't been able to leave without spitting a raw freestyle...that's when you know someone loves their craft, they have to represent every chance they get.

In part 3 he discusses the different versions of the Goodfellas albums, Full scale (including why there was a 3 year gap between this and the last album), and breaks down some of solo and side projects, including recording with J Dilla!

In part 4 he talks about "Everything's Berri", Future Goals, Upcoming Project (including Trinity w/Sadat X & DJ Jab), and some Local Legends who didn't get their chance to shine!!

A.G. Titles Available Now At Fifth Element:

A.G.-Everything's Berri
Showbiz & A.G.-Runaway Slave
OC & AG-Oasis LP

Written By Kevin Beacham
Video Edited By Scott Adkins

AG Appears courtesy of Redapples45


In Part one A.G talks about The meaning of the name, Growing up in the Bronx, Battling/connecting with Lord Finesse, Battle Stories (Percee P, DMX, etc...), New Music Seminar, & Similarities of Country music and Hip Hop!!

In Part two he speaks on why Showbiz & A.G. had to sell their first record out the car trunk independently, he reflects on "Runaway Slave" including key highlights, How D.I.T.C formed how he's stayed focused and inspired, and why Showbiz stopped rhyming!!

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