Rse0298 6 Cover

Sa-Roc Announces New Album + Releases Music Video

The Sharecropper's Daughter + "Deliverance" Prod. by Evidence



A Note From Our CEO

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Atmosphere "Whenever" Music Video

(feat. Gifted Gab, Murs, Haphduzn)

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Rse Freedom Finger Cover

Aesop Rock "Music From The Game Freedom Finger"

Vinyl + Video

Felt 3 Reissue Twitter

Felt 3 (10 Year Anniversary Reissue)

Record Store Day Exclusive

Mink Artist Photo Edit

Deconstruction - A New MInk Album!

Musab & Ink Well are MInk

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Atmosphere "Dearly Beloved" (feat. Musab & Muja Messiah) Music Video

A psychedelic tribute to Prince.

Ali Us 10 Year Website

Brother Ali - Us (10 Year Anniversary) Edition Vinyl + 7" Bonus

With special guest features.

Hand Of God News Rse

Sa-Roc - "Hand of God" Single + Video

Airtight wordplay and intricate lyricism.

Rogue Wave Vinyl Newsletter

Aesop Rock - "Rogue Wave"

Music video, 7" vinyl, long sleeve shirt, and sticker packs!

Ea Btt 10 Year Banner

Eyedea & Abilities By The Throat (10 Year Anniversary)

Love Each Other Play

Atmosphere debuts "Love Each Other" Music Video

Today, Atmosphere drops a new music video for “Love Each Other”, off the duo’s new album, Whenever.

Unlearning Digital Cover


As the world transitions into the moods of Spring, Evidence drops his first single since his highly acclaimed album, “Weather Or Not”.

In Ev's ongoing effort to work with rising talent, “Unlearning” is produced by Richmond, VA’s GrayMatter, and features a music video shot & directed by longtime collaborator and good friend, Stephen Vanasco.

“Unlearning” allows EV to give listeners a glimpse into his natural habitat, where his flow, words and cadence are shining with intention. In essence, this is Evidence evolving, and expressing what’s on his mind, for himself first and foremost, as he continues down his own uniquely crafted path.

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