Brother Ali - Shadows On The Sun (Vinyl)

The critically acclaimed Rhymesayers debut album, Brother Ali Shadows On The Sun includes double orange & blue translucent colored vinyl housed in gatefold matte UV jacket with free digital download card.

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  1. Room With A View
  2. Champion
  3. Star Quality
  4. Prince Charming
  5. Win Some Lose Some
  6. Pay Them Back
  7. Blah Blah Blah feat. Slug
  8. Shadows On The Sun
  9. Prelude
  10. Forest Whitiker
  11. Bitchslap!
  12. Back Stage Pacin'
  13. When The Beat Comes In
  14. Missing Teeth feat. Slug
  15. Dorian
  16. Soul Whisper
  17. Picket Fence
  18. Victory! (Come Forward)