Classic Halloween Mix: Scripts Of Lost Souls (1998)


The time has come once again, as the nights get colder, the sky gets darker quicker, and people tap into their darkside, I present DeeJay Bird & DJ Nikoless-Scripts Of Lost Souls on its 13th Year Anniversary...



The year is 1998. DeeJay Bird had just left a noticeable impression on the mixtape market with his ’97 release, “Beneath The Surface”. Nikoless a.k.a Kevin Beacham had just released his first official solo mixtape, “Applied Theories Of Time Travel”. Both releases pushed the boundaries of the standard mixtape, relying not only on DJ skills, but creative recording and production methods as well. Most notably was the means in which they used movie dialog. Certainly that was something that had been done before, but you would be hard pressed to find something earlier to piece together and collage the dialog in the same fashion.

Flash forward to the Fall of ’98 and Bird has the vision of doing a Halloween mixtape. As far as we could find, no one had yet taken on the task and if so, probably not to our extreme. Nikoless is intrigued by the idea and goes about digging thru records and tapes to submerge himself in the darkest sides of Hip Hop to come up with what would eventually become the playlist. Meanwhile Bird masterminds the ideas for titles and imagery for the art. DJ Stizo is enlisted to design the layout. JEL is on hand for some exclusive production. In the midst of all this, is many hours spent watching Horror flicks for inspiration and source material. Finally between October 3rd-5th everything is recorded and after seemingly endless hours of a final mixdown, Scripts of The Lost Souls is born.

Here we are 13 years later and it’s still the full of surprises. Here, for free, you get the full 2 hours of music plus scans of all the original artwork. Be warned, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart or the kids for that matter. However, for those with nerves of steel, a sense of humor, and a flair for the extreme…let the nightmares begin!

Written By Kevin Beacham

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