"Love & Happiness" With Kevin Beacham PT 2.


Dear Good People,

It seems impossible that a month has already passed since my last letter of “Love And Happiness”. I hope you have been well. As for me, my last few weeks have been filled with all sorts of mentally draining challenges. But, still I push forward…

Furthermore, it’s moments like this when the sound of love, and the roads which lead to such a feeling, are most welcomed and embraced. That said, I invite you, alone or with a loved one of your own, to join me tonight at the Icehouse for “Love & Happiness” Part II, a two-hour event (Special Time Tonight: 9 PM-11 PM) dedicated to music that speaks the language of love.

I originally thought for this second love letter I might share a memory from my past or perhaps my thoughts about the state of love in the present, but those are to be explored in the near future. Instead, I noticed from some comments I got last month from people who didn’t make it out, that people still don’t fully grasp the concept of “Love & Happiness”, allow me to elaborate.

First off, “Love & Happiness” is about celebrating, sharing and enjoying songs that speak to the soul and have the power to give you an emotional charge that can at times almost feel electric. I spend time to carefully curate the music for “Love & Happines” to maintain that feeling as best possible. I’m not aiming for cheesy 80s love ballads or anything of the sort. I am trying to touch your hearts and souls to the best of my ability.

This is an evening that is nice to have someone to share it with, so dates are encouraged. However, being single myself, I also know that getting out to different events and experiences can lead to new connections, friendships, and sometimes the road to love…

However you choose to come, please bring smiles, hugs, and good vibes, not just for me, but to fill the room.

Sincerely, Kevin “Lover Of Love” Beacham

PS: This month’s spotlight album is “Loving On The Flipside” on Now-Again Records, an amazing compilation dedicate largely unknown love ballads from rare 45s between ’69-’77.

PS 2: Love & Happiness is at a special time tonight (9-11 PM) to make room for the Giant Steps Pre-Party (5 PM-9 PM) with Aby Wolf, Danami & The Blue, Katrina Pope, and more!!