Fifth Element Black Friday 2014: Deals & Details!


Are you ready for the biggest Fifth Element Black Friday Event ever? This year we have some of our lowest sale prices, some cool new items, rarities, and all around good vibes, holiday and otherwise!


-Black Friday is 11/28/14

-FE is open from 9 AM-7 PM on Black Friday

-ALL Black Friday Sales + New Items are available ONLINE and IN-STORE!

-ALL Black Friday Sale Prices go live by 9 AM CMT on 11/28/14

-CLICK any LINK below to see all the items associated with that section!


-Limited Edition Hail Mary Mallon 7": Includes the Whale$ [Edison Remix]    (This remix is exclusive to this 7"! Vocal+Instrumental!)


-Rhymesayers Mixed Bag #2:20+ stickers/promo goods from the Rhymesayers archives! Including 4 brand new stickers!! Here's a peek of some of the stickers you might see in your pack:


-New MN Nice + MN Vice Designs: T Shirt, Crew Neck, Hoodies, Onesies, & Youth Clothing!

EARLY BIRD SPECIALS: These deals are only available from 9 AM-11 AM CMT! Don't miss out on these!!

-$5 Rhymesayers CDs (Limit Of 5 Per CD per Customer):

1)Atmosphere "Southsiders"

2)Aesop Rock "Skelethon"

3)Dilated Peoples "Directors Of Photography"

4)Grieves "Winter & The Wolves"

5)Step Brothers "Lord Steppington"

-$2 Rhymesayers CDs (limit of 5 per CD per Customer):

1)Atmosphere "Sad Clown #12: Spring"

2)Atmosphere "Strictly Leakage"

3)Brother Ali "US"

4)Brother Ali "The Truth Is Here"

5)Face Candy "This Is Where We Were"

6)Freeway & Jake One "Stimulus Package"

7)Jake One "White Van Music"

8)Mac Lethal "11:11"

9)P.O.S "Never Better"

10)RJD2 of Soul Position "8 Million Stories Instrumentals"

-$1Rhymesayers Patch 

-$10 Rhymesayers T-Shirts:

1)Atmosphere "Panther"

2)Atmosphere "Owl" Blue Youth

3)Atmosphere "Southside" Navy

4)Brother Ali "Ink"

5)Rhymesayers "Griffin Camo"

6)Soundset "2014"


-$15 Rhymesayers T-Shirts: Same Designs as the $10 Early Bird T-Shirts   Above

1)Atmosphere "Panther"

2)Atmosphere "Owl" Blue Youth

3)Atmosphere "Southside" Navy

4)Brother Ali "Ink"

5)Rhymesayers "Griffin Camo"

6)Soundset "2014"

 -25% Off Select Rhymesayers Vinyl:

1)Atmosphere "Southsiders" Metallic Silver Colored Vinyl

2)Atmosphere "Lake Nokomis" Picture Disc Vinyl

3)Brother Ali 'Mourning In America" Splatter Style Vinyl

4)Eyedea "The Many Faces of Oliver Hart" Deluxe Etched Vinyl Picture Disc 

5)Grieves "Winter & The Wolves" Powder Blue Color Vinyl

6)I Self Devine"The Sound Of Low Class Amerika" Translucent Blue Vinyl

7)Mr Dibbs "Deadworld Reborn" Picture Disc Vinyl

7)Step Brothers "Lord Steppington" Velvet Cover + Gold Colored Vinyl

 -20% OFF Select Hoodies & Crew Necks: LIMITED SIZES ON SOME DESIGNS

Atmosphere "Panther" Hood

Atmosphere "Conehead" Hood

Atmosphere"Conehead" Maroon Windbreaker

Atmosphere "Weathervane" Crew Neck

Brother Ali “Tapestry" Hood 

Brother Ali "Truth" Womens Hood

Brother Ali "Boombox" Hood 

Brother Ali "All City" Track Jacket

Dilated Peoples "Directors of Photography" Zip Hood

FE "Logo 2" Red Hood

FE "Logo" Black Hood 

MN Vice "We Don’t Care" Hood 

MN NICE " Logo" Blue Hood 

POS "Rosario"  Women's Hood

RSE "Frozen" Crew Neck 

Soul Position "Harley" Crew Neck 

Step Brothers "Lord Steppington" Crew Neck 

 -$5 RHYMESAYERS CDs (Limit Of 5 Per CD per Customer)

Abstract Rude "Rejuvenation"

Atmosphere "Sad Clown #11 Winter"

Atmosphere "Strictly Leakage"

Atmosphere "Family Sign"

Boom Bap Project "Reprogram"

Blueprint "Adventures In Counter Culture"

Brother Ali "US"

Brother Ali "Mourning In America…"

Brother Ali "TheTruth Is Here"

Eyedea & Abilities "By The Throat"

Eyedea & Abilities "First Born"

Felt "Tribute To Rosie Perez"

Face Candy "This Is Where We Were"

Freeway "Stimulus Package"

Grieves "Confessions Of Mr Modest"

Grayskul "Deadlivers"

I Self Devine "The Sound Of Low Class Amerika"

Jake One "White Van Music"

K Salaam "Real DJs Do Real Things"

Mac Lethal "11:11"

Micranots "The Emperor & The Assassin"

MR Dibbs "30th Song"

Musab "Respect The Life" 

POS "Never Better"

POS "Ipecac Neat"

POS "Audition"

Semi Official "The Anti Album"

Soul Position "Unlimited"

Toki Wright "A Different Mirror"

The Uncluded "Hokey Fright"



20% OFF Select Kid Robot Items

10% OFF ALL Cassettes

10% OFF 7” Vinyl