We are just two weeks away from the Rhymesayers 20 Anniversary Concert at Target Center in Minneapolis!

- Here's 20 Reasons to Spend $20 for Rhymesayers 20 Anniversary Concert -

1. It is the first time an independent record label from Minneapolis has created an entire bill of independent artists for a ONE night only show in the Target Center.

2. This show is a once in a lifetime opportunity, there will not be a second chance.

3. The number of FELT albums = 3. Yes, FELT will make a special appearance.

4. What else do you have to do on a Friday night on the 4th of December?

5. Doors open at 5pm and music starts right away, get your money's worth and get there early. Trust us.

6. How many artist collaboration songs can happen during one show? Six? Less than six? More than six?

7. Seven hours of Rhymesayers music, dancing and throwing your hands in the air like you just don't care.

8. 8 Million Stories by Soul Position. Yes, Blueprint and RJD2 will be in the house.

9. This will be the single biggest all-Rhymesayers-artist show in our twenty year history. Bring your nine closest friends for a night to remember.

10. Atmosphere, it's just a ten letter word.

11. Artists from the Westside of Rhymesayers: Dilated Peoples, Grieves, Abstract Rude, Jake One, Grayskul, Boom Bap Project will all be in Minneapolis on December 4.

12. Brand New and Exclusive Rhymesayers merch items available for the first time. Some items are exclusive for this show!

13. Value. This show honestly costs a fan less than one dollar per artist performing.

14. Battlecats. BBOY your best on stage at the Target Center.

15. Brother Ali is guaranteed to make you smile.

16. On October 16, Prof released his debut album on Rhymesayers. This will be his first hometown performance since its release.

17. Really, has there ever been a show at The Target Center with this many artists performing in one night?

18. Aesop Rock has been releasing music for 18 years and now you can see him perform solo, with Hail Mary Mallon and with The Uncluded, all in one night.

19. There will be a total of 19 DJs performing during the show. What is a DJ if he can't scratch?

20. Twenty dollars for twenty years of Rhymesayers music history.

Get your tickets NOW and we'll see you on December 4th!