"History" is a critical piece in the Headshots tapes puzzle. First and foremost, itâ??s a celebration of the life and talent of influential Headshots member Sess (Of The Abstract Pack), who passed away earlier the same year that the tape was released. Additionally, it represents a shift from the crew trying to lure new listeners with music from outside artists, to focusing on their own music, instead. Lastly, it makes the jump from primarily selling excerpts from their live shows to focusing on 4-track recordings from Antâ??s basement a.k.a The Factory. "History" is the most comprehensive collection of material from the original Headshots Crew on one tape, featuring music from The Abstract Pack, Phull Surkle, Atmosphere, Beyond, I Self Devine (via the debut of the Dynospectrum), and of course Sess, who is featured on a handful of songs, as well as some freestyle interludes throughout the tape.

Consequently, â??Historyâ? also marks a change in what the future of Headshots would be. Previous to the tapeâ??s release, the crew had already started to splinter off in different directions, but they felt it was important to come back together and record â??Historyâ? to celebrate Sessâ?? life after his passing.Itâ??s a reality that many great groups have been faced with over time. Itâ??s extremely difficult to keep everyone on one singular path for an extended period of time. But, that is the natural course of things, and regardless of whether the crew remained one unit or not, everyone went on to make their mark on the Twin Citiesâ?? Hip-Hop scene in one way or another. And nearly all are still active in the scene to this dayâ?? still making historyâ?¦

This latest video captures that moment in time.

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