We tapped in with Slug as Atmosphere was prepping for their first European tour in 4 years, The ConTour. Grab tickets at the link below. 

RSE - We imagine being on the road and traveling for long periods can get boring; do you do anything particular to distract yourself or stay free from boredom?

SLUG -I'm not certain who told you that it was boring, but only boring people get bored. I like to buy records. I like to look at records, even when I'm not buying them. Fortunately for me, a few of us on the bus feel the same way about records, so it's usually not difficult to find a partner in crime to go record shopping. I also like to watch birds and take bike rides on tour.

RSE - What is your favorite off day activity? 

SLUGOh no. I inadvertently answered this one already, during the first question. Forgive me. I also like to eat. So on days off, if we are in an area with food choices, I like to Bang Bang. Apparently, a Bang Bang is something that one of my colleagues learned from watching television sitcoms in the 90s. It means you go somewhere to eat, but you don't get full. You just eat one course and immediately leave and go somewhere else to eat the second course. It's kinda fun. 

- Any Do’s or Don’t’s before hitting the stage you could share? 

SLUG - Do attempt to empty bowels. However, only attempt to empty your bowels five minutes before stage time. For me, I do not drink adult beverages before I perform. However, I do like to eat some protein and vegetables about an hour prior. I like quiet and meditative spaces before the show. If my stage time is after 10 pm, I like to take a 30-minute power nap right before the protein and vegetables. Those are my secrets. Now you know. 

Atmosphere has a packed tour schedule this year including dates in Europe with HEBL and ZooDeville, and throughout the US this summer with Slightly Stoopid, Sublime with Rome and The Movement. Plus, another not to be missed performance at Red Rocks with Danny Brown, Souls of Mischief, Mr Dibbs, The Grouch & Eligh and more.