As We Continue On! - Access All Areas 

Negotiations, travel, hotel bookings, equipment, merch, guest list, soundcheck... we could go on and on. It takes an incredible about of work and energy to be an artist on the road and there's a whole team working behind that helps make it all happen.

In this second edition of Access All Areas, we link up with Rhymesayers own DJ Abilities as he gets set for a spring run of show dates. Next, we join Jose Joaquin (Tour Management) as the summer tour season with Atmosphere starts to ramp up.
Welcome back to Access All Areas

RSE - What are three must have items for you while on tour? 

ABILITIES -A good book or two, charged up noise cancelling headphones and comfortable shoes. 

RSE - Any pre-show rituals you could share? 

ABILITIESI like to be as calm, quiet and relaxed as possible, almost like a sling shot effect so when I get on stage I can have as much energy as possible. 

RSE - What is your favorite part about playing live? 

ABILITIESThe energy from the crowd, when we’re dialed in together it’s one of the best feelings in the world.


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