In this edition of Access All Areas we catch up with HEBL, the music producer/DJ, while he is on tour as direct support for Atmosphere.

HEBL's sound creates a powerful blend of rich and heavy soundscapes that would be fitting for the soundtrack of the future while also simultaneously appealing to our most base primitive needs/wants. It speaks to the emotions, challenging the age-old idea of the drum machine lacking soul.

He was kind enough to link while traveling between dates for The DeTour and Summertime 2023 tours. Photos by @ZooDeVille

RSE: In your words, who is HEBL?

HEBL: Good question. I am HEBL.

RSE: Long before performing as HEBL, you were DJing club nights and you've been performing alongside Atmosphere on tour for many years now. How have each of those experiences influenced your live performance as HEBL

HEBL: That’s a good question, thanks for asking. The club and tour experiences have heavily influenced my sound and approach to creating and performing. I’ve learned to be considerate as to how things sound in different environments. I like the music to sound good when it’s loud and I like when music is loud.

RSE: On the Summertime 2023 Tour, you’re performing in many outdoor amphitheaters with Atmosphere, but on The DeTour, you're performing in many indoor venues. Do you find it difficult to transition between the two environments, and do you have a preference?

HEBL: It’s literally night and day. Although the amphitheaters are fun, I prefer clubs. There is something about the energy in clubs that is special to me.

RSE: What’s your favorite day-off activity?

HEBL: I could say working on music or dinner with the crew, but I enjoy taking long walks alone and observing the surroundings.

RSE: What are three must have items for you while on tour?

HEBL: Coffee, toothpicks and headphones.

RSE: Any do's or don'ts you'd recommend while on tour?

HEBL: Do you. Don’t let it go to your head.

Catch HEBL on The DeTour and Summertime 2023 tour with Atmosphere all summer.