We caught up with The Goddess MC during her current Pacific Northwest tour with Sol Messiah. Get tickets to any of their remaining dates at the link below. 

RSE - What are three must-have items for you while on the road? 

SA-ROC -My journal, so I can check in with myself and gather my thoughts for the day. It’s a great way to stay centered.

My wellness bag - that road life can be challenging, so I make sure I have all my herbs and vitamins to keep my body in the best shape possible. Oil of oregano and vitamin C, I’m looking at you! 

My iPad, so I can catch up on my favorite shows while I’m on the road. Top Chef and The Mandalorian have me hooked this season! 

RSE -Any pre-show rituals you can speak to? 
SA-ROC - Often I’ll try to get in a little breath work, like bhastrika pranayama, which is a yogic breathing technique that energizes the mind and body and activates alertness and memory retention. And of course I keep that sage on me for spiritual cleansing. 

RSE-What is your favorite off-day activity? 

SA-ROC - Finding a new (or old favorite) vegan restaurant in whatever city I’m in. I love to eat! 

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