Abuse of women is not acceptable and is not in alignment with our values.

The reports of abuse that have come to light this past week are not things that we’ve ever tacitly condoned or were previously aware of. We have taken the last few days to process these reports because we felt it was important to allow survivors the opportunity to speak and for us to listen, discuss and reflect before adding our voice to the discussion.

To the survivors in our community, we know you’ve been hurt; our community is not whole without you, or until you are whole. We’ve always sought to create an environment that is safe and inclusive, but this week has shown us where we have failed.

To abusers, racists, and those engaged in predatory behavior we don’t want you as artists, fans or affiliates and as we become aware of you, you will be held accountable.

We also need to hold ourselves accountable for writing off what we interpreted as an artist’s approach to humor and entertainment, when it actually harmed survivors and perpetuated an environment rife with misogyny. We apologize for the harm this has caused. We understand that we have a responsibility to be more intentional with our actions and our platform moving forward.

Since these reports began surfacing we’ve been listening, reflecting and engaging in conversation with our staff, artists, and community members to determine how we can proactively address racism, sexism, misogyny, and the toxic masculinity that pervades our culture. We cannot do that work alone and are aware that the solutions are as complex as the issues.

We have a long tradition of working with very intentional artists and rarely have ever felt the need to discuss what those intentions are. In listening and reflecting over the last few days, we acknowledge that we failed to not only vet the signing of Prof but also calling into question the intentions behind his music, messaging and content more strongly. We, like many others, separated the music from potential behavior. Thus, we were complicit in promoting and marketing music that perpetuates misogyny.

Effective immediately we have decided to stop, where we can, the release of the upcoming Powderhorn Suites album and end our relationship with Prof and Stophouse Music Group. We have also decided to end our working relationship with Dem Atlas, given recent reports of his behavior.

The work going forward begins with an unflinching look at how and where abusers live among us, and how we can best support survivors of abuse, but also what actionable steps can be taken to promote the safety and upliftment of Women, BIPOC, and members of the LGBTQIA community moving forward.

Additional immediate actions:

  • Stronger and more thorough vetting of new artists and any associated personnel.
  • Challenge the intention behind any questionable music, art and content.
  • Create a written standard for artists behavior and cut ties with artists that are unwilling to adhere to those standards.
  • Greater transparency and communication with the community about the progressive and positive changes we’ve made and continue to make.
  • Creation of a fund that awards grants for music, art & business initiatives by Women, BIPOC, and members of the LGBTQIA community.

These actions are just the first step in what will be an ongoing process to do better and work with you to build the community we deserve.

- Rhymesayers Entertainment