hey kids.
how's things?
i'll keep this brief:
we've been making babies, so we took a little break from the stage and the studio.
but we will be back in full swing sooner than you can sneeze out your soul.
in the mean/between time, i wanted to drop you a line to give you a heads up to some of the music i've made with some of my friends. these links should take you to sites where you can listen and/or download some goodies.
word. stay safe.


King Magnetic - "I Can't See" ft. Block McCloud, "Hip-Hop" ft. Ali Armz & Slug of Atmosphere and "No Limit Poker"

A.R.M - "Fear of the Mundane" ft Slug of Atmosphere

Cool-Aide (Icon the Mic King and Chum) - "Snake Oil" ft Slug of Atmosphere

Intuition - "Buzzkill" ft Slug of Atmosphere

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