From Kevin Beacham of Fifth Element/Rhymesayers:

Throughout the early history of Hip Hop, you frequently come across stories of the older generation actively excluding the young generation from participation. The evidence of this is nearly as common in New York Hip Hop history as the legendary figures themselves. There were reoccurring themes of â??Donâ??t touch that equipment!â?, â??Get out of here, I donâ??t want my little brother (or sister) hanging aroundâ?, and things of that nature. Tough love as they say. I suppose that theory worked, as New York consistently produced some of the great talents of that time period and beyond. However, there is plenty of proof that embracing and helping mold the youth who are intrigued by this Culture can be powerfully inspirational as well.

Growing up, I was lucky enough to always have mentors. At age 10-15 and trying to develop my skills as a MC and breakdancer it was unexplainably valuable to have these older guys, who were local legends on our scene, acknowledge what I was doing, invite me into their circles, and ultimately help me enhance my skills.

As a result, I have always tried to keep an eye out for what the younger generation is doing in my community and wherever possible, get involved. We are in a time where there are a rapidly increasing amount of High School and College Programs focused on Hip Hop; song-writing, production, video/photo, music business, etcâ?¦ Rhymesayers is dedicated to helping these future leaders of our scene to get the best training, education and real-life experiences they can now, to have them prepared to keep our scene thriving tomorrow.

When the Minnesota School Of Business approached us for this project, to team up with the Digital Media Academy High School Program to collaborate on producing a Atmosphere video, we were excited and knew this would be a great experience for everyone. The world is becoming centered more around digital media everyday. Students acquiring these skills at a young age will find it extremely advantageous to them when entering the job market in the future.

Below are some details on how this all came together, who is involved and what to expect! Stay tuned to find out what will become of this projectâ?¦

Minnesota School of Businessâ??s (MSB) Creative Media and Communications Director Sam Kovar teamed up MSB Richfieldâ??s creative programs with Minnesota Transitions Charter High Schoolâ??s Digital Media Academy (MTS), Rhymesayers Entertainment, Visumm Media, Justin Staggs, Alex Horner Pictures, Hickey Photography, Cape Status, and Hanson Creative Group in efforts to create an engaging educational collaboration. The project produced an Atmosphere music video. MSB provided their Broadview Media Studio-A sound stage along with educational support, food, and bussing. Local gear supplier Cinequipt also sponsored the project with donating key production gear, as well as Red Bull in providing a Wings Team for some extra fuel during the first day of production.

The projectâ??s focus was on the high school and college studentsâ?? hands on experience with producing a real-world project under the direction of industry and educational professionals. Students were mentored in everything from articulate set design elements to getting in-costume and being choreographed through scenes of stop motion. Beyond the video itself, the project includes a behind-the-scenes documentary and music video premiere event to debut in December.

Producer: Sam Kovar (Minnesota School of Business)
Director: Nate Maydole (Visumm Media)
Director of Photography: Alex Horner (Alex Horner Pictures)
Art Direction: Kate Hanson (Hanson Creative Group) and Nicole Nelson (Minnesota School of Business)
Concept: Nate Maydole (Visumm Media) and Justin Staggs (Filmmaker)
Photography: Bill Hickey (Hickey Photography)

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