Since its debut release on August 21, 2007, there has never been an official video released for "Sunshine" by Atmosphere. But, what if we could make a video now for "Sunshine" using 100% solar power?

Here is the first behind the scenes look from the 100% solar-powered video for Atmosphere's "Sunshine" using SunPort technology.

SunPort by PlugSolar is a small plug adaptor that lets you use solar power everywhere you go, without panels, just by plugging in. This â??wearable tech for power cordsâ? measures the electricity you take from any outlet and automatically upgrades it to solar, similar to how big companies have been upgrading to clean energy for years.

With SunPort by PlugSolar, now anyone can show the world they want solar, simply by using it and creating demand for more solar production.

The 100% solar-powered "Sunshine" music video will be released this Thursday, August 6, 2015 at 10:00am CST via Rhymesayers' YouTube.

To learn more about SunPort, please visit their Kickstarter HERE