Rhymesayers and Blueprint dropped the first single off of his upcoming album (04.05.11) Adventures In Counter-Culture yesterday! Check out Print's commentary on the track and then watch the video below. Cop the track at iTunes now: Explicit | Clean | Instrumental

"Radio-Inactive" was the first song I recorded after the release of my last album 1988, and written in response to my hometown radio station telling me that my music "didn't fit the format" and wasn't playable. Although I was initially upset about the statement, I soon realized that while the music I make will probably never get played on the radio, what I've gained in support from fans and a career is more real and gratifying than anything that radioplay could ever offer me. I may be inactive on the radio, but I'm very active in the hearts and minds of my listeners, and that's what counts."

Shot, edited, & directed by Bangland Media

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