Our friends in Germany at HHV.de Mag recently had the chance to do an interview with none other than Blueprint.

Here's a quick excerpt from the interview:

Blueprint is not only known for his enormous freestyle-techniques as MC but also for his eclectic production-work since he first busted on the scene in 1999. But what he serves his fans now, after 6 years of »silence «, is adventurous, even for a mastermind like him. Adventures in Counter-Culture, being his second official solo LP â?? not including his work with RJD2 as Soul Position â?? is not exactly treating the ears of common Blueprint fans like they might be expecting. The question here is: Where is old Blueprint with his classy late-80s production and his high level voice? Well, he is still there somewhere but it is more difficult to find him â?? because the last six years have not gone by without changes. "Iâ??ve actually put out some smaller EPs over the years while Iâ??ve been working to just refine and perfect the style of music Iâ??m doing now", tells Albert Sheppard in an Interview we made a couple of days ago. The result of that process is a colorful mix of countless genres with a big part being electronic. "Most of my time was spent learning more about music composition, experimenting with new styles, playing keyboard, and writing melodies and songs."...

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