Ten years ago, on June 21st 2005, Rhymesayers Entertainment released Boom Bap Project's Reprogram. In honor of the album's tenth anniversary, we're offering both CD and Digital versions for only $4.99, for a limited time! PLUS, when you buy Reprogram, you will also get Boom Bap Project's "Welcome To Seattle" Mixtape for FREE!

SPECIAL ALERT: There are only about a dozen copies left of the album on vinyl before it goes out of print, so this could be your last chance to grab this on wax!

Emerging out of Oldominion, one of the most prominent crews to represent out of the Northwest, Boom Bap Project had a distinct musical goal in mind. The plan was revealed in the group's name â??hard beats and hard rhymesâ?? a.k.a that good ole Boom Bap. Armed with strong Hip Hop sensibilities, unbreakable confidence, and lyrics primed to hit you directly in the head, Nightclubberlang (a.k.a Karim) and Destro Destructo attack the mic relentlessly, as their vocals ride atop hard-hitting production from an accomplished line-up of beat-makers; Jake One, Vitamin D, Bean One, Jumbo The Garbageman (of Lifesavas), Snafu, Sayeed, DJ Scene, and Mr. Hill. The album is enhanced by scratch work for DJ Scene, as well as some quality guest appearances from Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious), Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), DJ Vin Roc, The Lifesavas, Grayskul, Snafu, and Choklate.

Just before the release of Reprogram, Boom Bap Project also released the free mixtape, "Welcome To Seattle", to give the world a taste of what was to come. This mixtape featured a wealth of freestyles, rarities, and unreleased music, including verses from Supernatural, Cool Nutz, One Be Lo, and JFK of Grayskul. Now, you can get the "Welcome to Seattle" Mixtape for FREE with the purchase of Reprogram.

BONUS: Immediately after their debut Rhymesayers album dropped, and they were were preparing to go on tour, Boom Bap Project released another limited edition CD called "The Shakedown". This CD featured 14 new tracks, with more production from Jake One and Vitamin D, plus guest appearances from The Cuf, Writers Block (Visionaries), Oldominion, and more, and we're offering it to you now, absolutely FREE! Download "The Shakedown" from FEO now, for FREE.