"First the Roc breakup, then Freewayâ??s second album doesnâ??t sell so well, and the next thing you know heâ??s signed to indie powerhouse Rhymesayers Ent. (a label known mostly for artists like Brother Ali). Fresh off his pilgrimage to Mecca, Free teamed up with the underrated Jake One to put out a middle of the road indie/mainstream record thatâ??s probably a sign of things to come thanks to declining record sales. With Jake in his corner, and a number of quality guest verses, Free is able to let that beat breathe without worrying about exhausting a listener with his trademark gruff delivery. Donâ??t let the ridiculously dope artwork fool you, the record is nowhere nearly as money-obsessed as it would suggest. Much like Freeâ??s stellar debut, great production and Freeâ??s nuanced lyrics make The Stimulus Package the right record for the right time." - Complex

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