In the Spring of 2015, Ryan Ogle a.k.a Saint Paul Love was a student in the Rhymesayers Hip Hop Essentials class at I.P.R. Right away, his personality revealed that he was exceptionally passionate about music. Not just in the music he made, but also in listening to a wide range of music, learning all he could about it, and appreciating it for what it was. Those disciplines were also ingrained in the music he made. As a producer, he tapped into the sounds of different eras, genres, and styles, creating a sound that gave nods to traditional Hip Hop, but at the same time pushed beyond those boundaries.

Tragically, in September of 2015, Ryan "Saint Paul Love" Ogle passed away. The Legacy Of Love is a concert event put together by Ryan's classmates, featuring performances with artists he was collaborating with before his passing, as well as taking place at the last venue he performed at, Icehouse. The opener, Guthrie, was one of Ryan's classmates in Hip Hop Essentials, as well as a collaborator outside of class; the two were well on their way to completing an album. Ryan had also started working with Twin Cities veteran MC, Carnage The Executioner, and our own, deM atlaS, both performing at the Legacy Of Love show.

deM atlaS discovered Saint Paul Love when deM served as a judge at a Beat Battle at the Institute of Production and Recording, where Saint Paul Love emerged as the victor. Impressed with what he heard, deM began working together with Saint Paul Love on some music, but it never fully materialized before Ryan's passing.

"Boplicity" is a rough demo version of one of the tracks that Saint Paul Love gave to deM atlaS to record to. We've decided to make this song available for free, to showcase the talent of an artist whose life was cut short far too soon. Join us at the Icehouse on January 19th, 2016 for a night of celebrating the life and music of Saint Paul Love, featuring the above mentioned performers, plus special guests, as well more insight into the bright, kind, and caring Ryan "Saint Paul Love" Ogle.

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Click here to download "Boplicity" for free!