Atmosphere agreed to be part of Dr. Ralph Borka's Family & Group Therapy Video Series. Dr. Ralph Borka has worked with individuals, couples, families, groups and businesses for more than 25 years. His video series demonstrates a psychotherapy approach using cognitive-behavioral therapy.

In Part Six of Group & Family Therapy Dr. Borka continues to explore how each member of Atmosphere feels about their future working together. Setting goals as a group can be one of the most challenging parts of therapy and you will see how the therapist can try to facilitate finding agreement among members. I hope you find these videos instructive in your own psychotherapy practices.


Maintaining trust and confidentiality are both professional and ethical responsibilities every therapist must take seriously. I would like to wish Sean, Anthony, Nate and Erick only the best with all their future endeavors. At this time, I have been asked not to continue my video series with the band.

- Dr. Ralph Borka

Check out Dr. Borka's website to see Atmosphere get in touch with their feelings and bring their family a little closer.

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