Today we encourage everybody to exercise their rights by getting out and voting. It's easy to become disheartened and impatient with politics these days but let's not forget those Bush years and the many important state races and amendments on the ballots.

For all our Minnesota brethren let's send a message and VOTE NO on Amendments 1 & 2 on the ballot. Can we also once and for all please vote no on Michele Bachmann's political career.

To all our extended family around the country we encourage you to support the following amendments on the ballot in your states:

Maine - Vote Yes on 1
Washington - Vote Yes on Referendum 74 & Initiative 502
Maryland - Yes on 6
California - Yes on Prop 37
Colorado - Yes on Amendment 64
Oregon - Yes on Measure 80

If you need to find your polling place or more info on what's on your ballot check http://www.rockthevote.com/

See you at the Voting Booths. Fight For Your Rights!