Our friends over at Filter Magazine just dropped an Exclusive Q&A with Blueprint!

Below is an excerpt from the Q&A, read the rest HERE.

There are plenty of different styles of music you put together smoothly on your latest release, Adventures in Counter-Culturealbum. What inspired you to mix together different genres and sounds?

I got the idea from talking to people, even looking at my own music selection, and realizing how much more diverse it is compared to how it used to be. Back in the day, people who listened to rock kind of stuck to rock, and people who were into hip-hop kind of stuck to hip-hop. Now it's to the point where we're in what I like to call the "ipod era" because it's so much easier to get access to so much more music, the average music listener is way more eclectic and diverse about what they listen to. Seeing that situation made me wonder why nobody ever makes albums that actually embrace that diversity, so I wanted to try it myself.

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