Although Los Na has been quiet recently, you better believe they are always working on something like music, art or organizing! While working on new music for their next release they came across 3 songs that fit the theme for April 20th (4:20). In true Los Nativos fashion these are not your typical â??weedâ? songs. From concepts of using the â??topicâ? of the day as a tool to make money and the moral struggle around it, to the desire of law enforcement to catch certain people or class of people with anything illegal, or itâ??s cultural and medicinal use to just smoking. What ever your thoughts on the day maybe you will enjoy the music. Maybe more if you smoke one first!

Los Nativos - White Papers
1. "Expired DL" produced by Xilam Balam
2. "The Bricks" feat. St. Paul Slim produced by Felipe Cuauhtli
3. "Let's Puff" produced by Medium Zach of Big Quarters

Download the three tracks free from Fifth Element.

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