Freeway, "Stimulus Package" (Rhymesayers)
Release Date: February 16, 2010

After cutting ties with Roc-a-Fella, Philadelphia rapper Freeway hopes to re-establish his appeal with hardcore hip-hop fans with his first release for Rhymesayers, "Stimulus Package." The album offers a mix of soulful beats courtesy of Jake One, whose initial collaborations with the fiery MC spurred the Seattle producer to oversee the entire set. "The music was coming out so great, we figured we might as well do a whole project. I haven't felt a chemistry with [a producer] like this in a long time," Freeway says. Tracks like "Throw Your Hands Up" recall hard-knock hits like "Flipside," while "Never Gonna Change" and "Free People" are sweeping snapshots of street life. With his major-label period behind him, Freeway plans to hit the road in 2010 and connect with the underground rap audience that other Rhymesayers artists like Atmosphere and Brother Ali have captivated. "I feel like I do have something to prove," Freeway says. "But to nobody but myself."

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The album is available now for pre-order from Fifth Element & the hot new single "She Makes Me Feel Alright" is available now on iTunes

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