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Available exclusively through iTunes and on hand-numbered, limited, transparent green vinyl, the EP starts by introducing the listener to BK's multi-layered tropical aesthetic by way of the "Tema Do Canibal Video Edit" featuring the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Things quickly change pace with Exile's expert chopping of the original horns and Doom's expectedly bizarre verse on the "Mind The Gap Remix". Among Brazil's most notable DJs and record collectors, DJ Nuts flexes his expert knowledge by contributing the "Tamba Remix" which features Helcio Milito on the tamba, a percussion instrument he invented in the early '60s. Further Brazilian influence comes from the oft-sampled Arthur Verocai who writes, arranges, conducts, and produces an entirely new version of BKâ??s â??Tema Do Canibalâ?. The B-side is rounded out by two outstanding interpretations intended to light up the dancefloor. Mike 2600 amps up the tempo in his "Journey Into Sound Remix" and replaces the originalâ??s thick horn lines with squiggly keyboards, while Tom Nobleâ??s "Disco Ginga Remix" drenches those horns in reverb and adds disco-inspired batucada drums. Between BK-Oneâ??s groundbreaking collaboration with the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and the five wildly different reinterpretations made by such a talented and diverse group of artists, this EP is not to be missed.

Tema Do Canibal Mega-Mix by BK-One

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