We're very proud to bring to you Junestrumentals, a month-long initiative of releasing previously unavailable instrumental versions of recent albums from our catalog.
As part of this campaign, we will be releasing the instrumentals from Atmosphere’s The Day Before Halloween, Whenever, and WORD?, along with Sa-Roc’s The Sharecropper's Daughter: Deluxe and Felt’s Felt 4 U.The albums are scheduled to hit digital and streaming platforms every Friday throughout the month of June.
We're kicking off Junestrumentals with two releases, the instrumentals for Whenever and The Day Before Halloween. Both from Atmosphere and fully produced by Ant.
Initially released in 2019 and 2020 respectively, these distinctly dissimilar albums shared a hidden bond. We sat down with Ant to touch on these topics and more. Read the whole interview here