You've got less than a day to show your support for independent radio and music in the Twin Cities. Donate via phone at 612.375.9030 or online at www.kfai.org. Please read below for more information and find out what you can get if you donate!

For those that are not aware, Rhymesayers has a weekly radio show called RSE Radio every Saturday night from 9-11PM in Minneapolis (Minnesota) on KFAI Fresh Air Community Radio. Twice a year the station conducts a pledge drive to raise money to keep the station alive and running. KFAI is Commercial Free, community supported radio at its finest and is an integral part of the Twin Cities. For those that are familiar, as always, Rhymesayers along with Fifth Element are providing a special incentive for all those pledging $30 or more.

This Spring's RSE Grab bag will feature a special three pack of FE Presents cd's: first off the debut release, The Trailer from Twin Cities own Midwest Konnect. Second a collaborative ep from Typical Cats member Qwazaar and producer extraordinaire Batsauce, titled Style Be The King. Last but not least the third cd is another collaborative effort but this time from Cali MC Grip Grand and Adeem, Sage Francis collaborator MF Shalem handling all the beats and scratches called Rewinder. Along with these 3 cd's every person pledging $30 or more will be entered into a drawing for a pair of VIP Soundset Tickets ($180 Value). VIP is 18+ so if you're pledging and under 18 you will have a chance to win 4 General Admission tickets instead ($164 Value). The drawing is for tickets only, winners will be responsible for paying for their own transportation and lodging. You'll also receive stickers, and some other miscellaneous goodies.

Please make sure you specify that you are pledging for RSE Radio so you qualify for the Grab Bag and the Soundset ticket drawing. Your donations and support are greatly appreciated and truly go to a great radio station serving the Twin Cities most underrepresented and misrepresented communities. Tune in this Saturday and every Saturday at 90.3FM in Minneapolis, 106.7FM in St. Paul and online at www.kfai.org.

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