The Last Of The Record Buyers is a MPLS born production event started by Brandon Allday (Big Quarters) and Kevin Beacham*. Once a month any and all producers are invited to come thru with beats on a CD or IPOD and let the people hear what they got. The goal is to provide a forum for producers to showcase their work, get feedback from their peers, network with people on the scene, and encourage collaborations with MCs and other Producers.

Also, on select occasions LRB expands it repertoire with special events such as the previous Content Under Pressure and now this years LRB Event at Soundset 2010.

Taking place in the â??B-boy/Girl & DJ Tentâ?, this Special Edition of LRB is action packed from start to finish:

Local Producers Showcase: Benzilla, Nick Fource, Sinister Grinch, Prime Cut, Cory Grindberg & GMO

National Producers Showcase: 45 King, DJ Revolution, Domino (Hieroglyphics), Budo, Vitamin D, Jake One, & Frank Dukes (Big Tune Champion)

Live Production Showcase: JEL is well known as a master drummer on the sampler and a pioneer for working the MPC, SP1200 and misc other gadgets, overtime on stage. Heâ??s in town to rock the Fifth Element stage with his crew, Themselves, but we had to have him come thru for LRB and do his thing! Peep some of his classic videos belowâ?¦

Live Team Production Showcase: We locked five of the Twin Cities finest producers in a basement armed only with their weapons of choice (samplers, keyboards, laptops, etc). It was only a matter of time before the creative juices gave birth to an impressive collage of sounds. Big Cats!, Greg Grease, Medium Zach, O-D, & PC collaborated to form something thatâ?¦gets to wordy to explain so peep the teaser video below and then come peep it live at Soundset 2010.

STARTS AT NOON! (12-1:30 PM)

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Buy your Soundset Festival & After Party tickets online through Ticketmaster or walk up through Fifth Element in Minneapolis!

Make sure you follow, fan or text "SS2010" to #66937 for Soundset updates and your chance to win!

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