In my first trip to MPLS in â??97, everytime I saw Musab he was rapping or about to start rapping. Iâ??m not even being dramatic. I donâ??t think I ever got a chance to talk to him because he was always rapping; walking in his headphones, in ciphersâ?¦everywhere.

One can only guess it was that type of passion, stamina, and drive that lead to him releasing the first full length CD on Rhymesayers*. Going by the name Beyond, he built up momentum with his album â??Comparisonâ? in â??96. Not long after, he was a featured MC on Atmosphereâ??s â??Overcastâ?and then manifested himself as General Woundwart on the underground classic, Dynospectrum.

Musab closed out the 90s with the tape only release, â??Beyond: Be-sidesâ?. This release proved to be a excellent foreshadowing of what was to immediately follow, as well as giving a glimpse to the approach that Musab has taken as of late. Point being, Musab is a diverse, complex, and intriguing individual.

Once 2000 hit, his career started to lean heavier to his hustler mentality. On October 3rd, 2000, he dropped the â??Actinâ?? Richâ? 12â?³.
Over a playfully soulful Ant beat, Musab drops the science on those who play the high life role, fronting as players, ballers, and high class sophisticated â??ladiesâ?.

The single continues on the flipside with â??Guard Your Haremâ? and â??Where My Mama Chillâ?.

In Honor of the 10 year Anniversary of the 12" Release date, Fifth Element will be having some Musab sales through the Month of October.

Musab -â?Actinâ?? Richâ? 12â?³ FOR ONLY $1!
Musab -â?Respect The Lifeâ? CD @ $9.99!
Beyond -â?Comparisonâ? CD @ $9.99!

Musab is still doing his thing, recently dropping his Sab The Artist EP and a full length due in 2011!

- Kevin Beacham, Fifth Element Online

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