Friend and photographer Dan Monick traveled with Atmosphere and a handful of other Rhymesayers artists on and off for the better part of the last decade. During his travels he documented a wide swath of territory from fans to shows and illuminated behind-the-scenes photos of the artists being themselves. Monick likens the Rhymesayers work ethic to the DIY punk rock approach that he experienced playing in bands.

Rhymesayers fans from Japan to Australia, Europe and all of North America who have witnessed the energy in concert will enjoy feasting on the pages, and those who have never been will be brought up to speed.

The book will be available in two versions. The standard hardcover, 272 page, glossy book includes a 15 track Rhymesayers compilation CD featuring songs from the seven year period the photos were taken and a limited, numbered deluxe version which includes all of the above with an exclusive 10" vinyl copy of To All My Friends, one half of the new Atmosphere EPs.

Both versions of the book are available at Fifth Element, pre-order your copy today!

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