Last week, Atmosphere announced their new album The Family Sign over at Pitchfork. Don't miss their exclusive interview with Slug of Atmosphere as he breaks down the new album! Check it out below...

"On April 12, Rhymesayers will release The Family Sign, the new album from the long-running Minneapolis rap group Atmosphere. It's their first proper album since 2008's When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold, but Atmosphere have kept their huge cult fanbase happy in the years since by releasing a steady stream of side projects and other releases, touring relentlessly, and curating Soundset, their own annual Minnesota rap festival. Later this month, they'll even tour some of the smaller towns in their home state. We recently spoke with the group's 38-year-old MC, Slug, about the new album, his spiritual kinship with Prince and the Replacements, and why his songs may not be quite as autobiographical as they seem." (Read More)

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